Rakhan V1

Half Husky - Half Dog

Here was the original plan.. I already had two “Darkstone Realms” costumes which are great for what they are, but the looks were too generic and at the time there were just far too many of them about about... even in the UK!

I wanted something a bit more unique in the looks department and something that was easier to perform in as heads from the Darkstone suits rest upon your shoulders which doesn’t allow head movements.

Unfortunately being rather rubbish in the creatively and implementation department it had to be a commission from someone with slightly more talent. 

I had previously made a few sets of paws and bodysuits but I had failed miserably with head making. Not wanting to end up with something from the latest horror film I commissioned a couple of artists to come up with some concept art. After much grief with changing artists and designs I finally started looking for potential builders.

There were a few people and costumes that had caught my attention as I wandered about the internet looking at various web pages and after a short time had found some potential makers. 

I found a few places in the UK but decided my hard earned cash would be more "suited" to go to someone who has plenty of experience and has some great work on show already. 

I decided to check out Brokken, Scribblefox and Arend Studios. 

I liked the work Arend Studios had done with previous costumes and with him living in Canada it made the potential costs a little cheaper with the good exchange rates at the time.

Rakhan Version 1 was the result, Made by “Whitefox” from Arend Studios in 2003.