About Me

Hi, Welcome along, It was about time the webpages got a slight revamp seeing as the old ones hadn’t been touched since 2000. I’ll be adding more as I go along.


The name Rakhan (Intended to be pronounced Rak - Han) was the name of a Tiger in Queensland Australia, which I got to a opportunity to meet when I was on holiday there. Tigers are one of my favourite animals so the name was used as a nickname when I became active on the internet around 1998. I'm from the UK, the South East part about 40 miles from London, if you are from another country don't let that fact concern or upset you, we as a nation are generally tolerable and good mannered!


I first discovered the costuming bug way back around 1998 after looking for suppliers of fur material on the internet and finding other costumes that people had made. The idea of performing a large fuzzy animal seemed appealing as the idea of forgetting about normal everyday things for a few hours and becoming the character in question, where you can entertain people and not worry about too much else. It’s very rewarding when you manage to cheer someones day up and make them smile, even the most grumpiest of them!

I started off with a couple of Darkstone Realms Suits, a Fox and a Tiger, soon after that the collection started growing, currently around twelve, some of them are shown on the pages here.


So far I've been to lots of “Furry” conventions in America and Europe such as Further Confusion, Anthrocon and Eurofurence as they used to offer a good chance for costuming. 

Sadly the amount of costumes springing up at these conventions in recent years has resulted in over saturation and the loss of “magic” that used to appeal so much. 

I am heavily involved in fund raising and support for some local charities and organisations by a group of fellow performers under a group name “FTF”. The charity events are growing every year with recommendations, referrals and thanks arriving by the bucket load. 

The reactions from the public, other artists and performers at these form of events for me, far outweigh the convention costuming experience. As a group we have raised several thousand pounds since starting helping the various organisations, and made the day for kids and adults too.


If you want to get in touch, you can find me on Livejournal or Twitter as “Rakhan” or Yahoo or AOL Messenger under the name “Rakhanwuffy”